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Pita od tikvica / Courgettes pie

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Potrebno :

– oko 1 kg mladih tikvica
– 50 grama brašna
– 100 g kukuruznog brašna (krupnije mleveno, za palentu)
– 1 kesica praška za pecivo
– 5 jaja
– 250 g svežeg sira (ja sam stavila feta sir:pavlaku=1:1)
– 1 kašičica začina koji volite
– so, biber

1. Tikvice izrendati (ne soliti).
2. Pomešati brašno, kukuruzno brašno i prašak za pecivo.
3. Umutiti jaja, sir i začine. Dodati u smesu od brašna i na kraju umešati tikvice.
4. Tepsiju namazati puterom i posuti kukuruznim brašnom. Uliti smesu.
5. Peći na 180’C, oko 35 minuta.



Ingredients :

– about 1 kg courgettes
– 50 g flour
– 100 g corn meal
– 1 tbsp baking powder
– 5 eggs
– 250 g cheese (ricotta; I’ve put feta cheese mixed with turkish labnah)
– 1 tsp spices you like
– salt, peper

1. Grate courgettes (do not salt them).
2. Mix flour, corn meal and baking powder.
3. Combine eggs, cheese and spices. Add flour mixture and courgettes at the end.
4. Prepare baking pan – butter it and spinkle with corn meal. Pour butter in it.
5. Bake at 180’C, about 35 minutes.

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I am passionate about making food for as long as I can remember. I always loved to cut, shred, mix, carefully combine all ingredients, looking forward to what I will see at the end. I can't wait to see final result and to taste it, just a little bit – straight from the oven. :)

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