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Čokoladne kuglice sa višnjama / Chocolate-cherry balls

Potrebno :

– 100 g prah šećera

– 100 g rendane čokolade

– 200 g mlevenih oraha

– 1 belance

– višnje

– kristal šećer

Umutiti penasto belance i povezati sa prah šećerom, čokoladom i orasima. Od mase praviti kuglice, unutar svake staviti po jednu višnju i uvaljati u kristal šećer.

Ingredients :

– 100 g icing sugar

– 100 g grated chocolate

– 200 g grounded walnuts

– 1 egg white

– sour cherries

– granulated sugar

Whisk egg white. Combine it with icing sugar, chocolate and nuts. Make small balls,  put inside each one cherry and roll it in sugar.


About delissshhh

I am passionate about making food for as long as I can remember. I always loved to cut, shred, mix, carefully combine all ingredients, looking forward to what I will see at the end. I can't wait to see final result and to taste it, just a little bit – straight from the oven. :)

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