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Pileći rolat / Chicken roulade

Potrebno :

– pileće belo meso
– senf
– so, biber
– sir (kačkavalj, mocarela…) ili tost sir
– masline
– šunka


1. Isecite pileće meso na tanje snicle, posolite i pobiberite. Poređajte meso tako da se šnicle preklapaju malo i da ih posle možete lepo uviti u rolnu.

2. Premažite meso senfom.

3. Poslažite tanke komade šunke preko mesa.

4. Pobacajte rendani sir (kačkavalj) ili poslažite tost sir preko šunke.

5. Poređajte masline preko svega, u jednom redu, duž citave površine.

6. Uvijte rolatić, premažite ga ponovo senfom, uvežite ga kulinarskim kanapom, stavite ga u uljem podmazanu tepsiju za pečenje i podlijte malo vode.

7. Pecite na 200’C, oko 25 minuta.

8. Kad se prohladi, poskidajte kanap i secite na trake.


Ingredients :

– chicken breast
– mustard
– salt, pepper
– grated cheese (kashkaval, mozzarella…) or toast cheese
– olives
– ham

1. Cut chicken breast in thin slices, sprinkle it with salt and pepper. Put slices to overlap each other, so you can roll it later nicely.

2. Spread little bit of mustard on the meat.

3. Put ham over meat.

4. Add chese on top.

5. Add olives in one row, along the whole length of the meat.

6. Roll the meat carefully, spread mustard over it, tie it with culinary rope, put it in oiled baking tray and add little bit of water in.

7. Bake for 25 minutes on 200’C.

8. Let it cool, remove ropes and cut it in slices.

About delissshhh

I am passionate about making food for as long as I can remember. I always loved to cut, shred, mix, carefully combine all ingredients, looking forward to what I will see at the end. I can't wait to see final result and to taste it, just a little bit – straight from the oven. :)

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